Nov 20, 2007
I'm working at Thotz in TM now.
First day of work 1, i'm late.
Because i forgot we have to take report book.
But one good thing is that i surprised i got level position 23.
So astonished =o
I'm so happy.
But being late really give them a bad impression of me.
At first, my trainer Lai yee seems to treat me very fierce.
Maybe becos i am very stupid la.
No cashiering experience some more.
I handle those Nets or credit card machine so clumsy!
But i have to be persistent. I cannot give up.
Finally, i tried to understand what she taught in head.
So glad ^^
It's a tiring day though.
But i learn a lot.
On 17/11, I work half day at Thotz, half day at kid republic.
It's quite tiring to run around like that.
I just wanna make full use of myself.
I chat more with Lai yee and i realised that she quite gd actually.
It's just that she gets frustrated quite easily.
I think i get frustrated now very easily too.
On 18/11, i work with a new senior.
She is from ngee poly, 3rd year, from engineering.
She is quite a sweet girl making star for his boyfriend.
We have very poor sales.
So sad and boring.
My sister come Thotz to find me.
Then, when it's time to return home.
We quarrelled.
I think it's quite foolish to quarrel over such thing.
But i'm upset more than angry, i didn't do wrong.
On 19/11, I work sometimes at Thotz, sometimes at kid republic.
I didn't angry with sister liao.
It's quite a tired day but meaningful.
I made a lot of sales at Thotz.
However, I also very sad that day.
I quarrelled with zhiting on msn.
I just don't know what i do wrong at first and he scold me like hell.
What guy pride or whatever?
I don't know.
I just feel that why can't i get a good chat?
I really feel very emo @ that moment.
I even cried. No one is there to console me!
I like to joke then what's the matter now?
Everyone know i like to joke. If not happy, tell me nicely, i will know when to stop.
And not scold me like wtf!
Very upset very upset T.T