Nov 27, 2007
haiz, my worst nightmare starts on 26 november ..
I didn't sleep on 25th night ...
I am very upset over home matters.
I didn't expect to work on the next day.
Actually, i am not working on monday.
But they last min informed me to come down.
That day is a terrible day.
I go to work feeling really headache and worried.
I was dismissed early. 2.30 pm
I meet bibi for a while do her handphone @ simei.
We went to food court eating claypot rice and ice kachang.
I feel less stressed up but i really feel it's very hard to put on my false smile.
Too tired to laugh out loud from the bottom of my heart.
We concidentally saw peini on bus 72.
Stupid her, always didn't reply my msgs..
But since she so busy, there's no point telling her so much thing..
She is too busy to be my listening ear.
I bought dinner back home.
I am extremely tired and just wanna a good rest!
I slept until 12..
Nightmare comes again.
But less serious than yesterday.
I got some sleep on and off.
haiz, on tuesday i still feel really exhausted,
i don't feel like wake up for work but i have to.

Tuesday 27/11/2007

Today, thotz comes a lot of new stock.
17 boxes! stock-take until i siao.
But i supposed to work at kid republic.
Hence, i kept walking around lor.
Thotz -> kid republic -> Thotz
again and again~
But i am glad i finally know a new person.
I saw her quite a few days back.
I don't dare to talk to her at first.
Finally, today, i know a little thing about.
Actually her character not bad..

In the late afternoon, I received a bad news.
My mum was hospitalised now.
At first, i am very worried and feel like crying.
But i kept telling myself to be strong.
I got two customers unhappy about me somemore.
So sad, so depressed..
Damn suay la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, a kind soul did something which touched me and i nearly cry.
Tramy bought a four leaves bread and a packet of green tea for me.
She said i didn't eat anything in my break and didn't bring water bottle.
So she gave those things to me for FREE!!
My tears brimmed my eyes.
A simple action really makes me feel damn touched =)

Back home, i ate a little prawn noodles and i don't think like eating anymore.
I thought zhiting wanna to meet online but he didn't turned up.
He must be busy sleeping la -_-'''
Then later, i feel very pissed then i offline.
"Why must you wait until such a serious thing then you console me?"
"Why i approached you whenever i sad you made me feel that you don't even care?"
"Why whenever i put a sad face or an emo msg on MSN no one even cares to ask me why?"
"Why must someone tell you that something serious really happened to our home,you then care to ask me how am i doing?"
I always call you on MSN or sms you but you don't seems to bother.
I just treat you as a good friend,neither lover nor i admire you.
You don't need to treat me so cold ba
i just wanna someone to be my listening ear all the time.
without failed.
Is that very difficult?

I am feeling really frustrated right now!