Oct 21, 2007
The day finally comes. I did my science practical on 18 Oct.
It's a big big mistake to write zinc as magnesium.
I hope the Cambridge marker will be lenient for practical.
At least a pass please!
Everyday,we still come to school to ask for help from teachers,
especially Ms Ng.
Sorry for being such a irritating student,
but i really need help for geo.
I haven't start to learn SS.
Thus, i don't dare to find "tian tian".
Hope the topics i learnt will come out in social studies paper!!
Let's pray again!!
Please. I need the support from everyone!

I think all my classmates are very encouraging.
I remember Wen han told me when I said I feel think giving up;
"Hey, don't give up.
You are professional go on stage (that means top scorer) student lei!"
I felt so shocked.
Less than 4 people have told me these words before.
I'm very thankful.. and touched -T

I wish that one day, I can be on stage to thank you all!!
I really wish to do that....

Wish me luck and i will perform the best. Just for you!

See you all again on 15 Nov. Goodbye cx