Aug 22, 2007
Wondering why i have not been updating my blog?
I'm damn busy ok.
So busy to even date..haa (I mean my friends)
Bad thingy and good thingy keep going on...

Honestly, I scorced badly for my mother tongue. I got C5. Even ang mos in our class got B3. It is such a disgrace to main language. But I don't allow myself to cry after I get back the results. I think i don't have the right to cry because i didn't study at all when the exams came. I really don't know what i'm doing at that time. Anyway, it's over. I still have the chance to try again.

20 august 2007:
It's the start of the first paper, geography. I didn't study for that subject becos i'm too busy concentrating on other subjects..I really hope i won't flunk this subject. But i know i did badly.

21 august 2007:
the second paper, POA paper 2, is the best i had done among the three days of exams in this week. However, i don't know whether i can A or not.

22 august 2007
Physics paper. One word is describe it, "SUCKS".

*Overall= it's really very bad (:-..

I wished that this time my English oral will score well..because that's is the only thing could help in my O'level English!!

I'm waiting for my Kbox trip :-(*)
I have to leave this stressful world for a while!

MEIWEI's principle:
Don't cry over spilled milk. Look forward and work harder for the rest of the subjects and strive to achieve the score u want.

signed off