Jul 6, 2007
Such a disappointment!
Today, my mood was damn lousy.
I didn't perform very well in O'level Chinese oral.
But I believe i can do it.
Just like what Pei ling says "What you think, is what you will get"
I will never give up...
Because I know my friends and family pinned high hopes on me *:-)
加油!美薇 ~.~ !!!

I can feel the stress now. Everyday is a busy day.
How i hope someone can stay by my side every now and then, and lend me his/her shoulder when i feel like crying.
Someone who understand me and willing to study with me..
Perhaps someone who can clear all my doubts at studies!
I am day-dreaming again...
But... such a nice dream ;-P

Friday the 13Th is band symphonic concert.
I bought the ticket.
I also look forward to that day..
The day i stole the limelight :-o
my imagination turn wild again..

updated 06/07/2007 ?!
always mix up with 07/06/2007 (my birthday this year)