Jun 11, 2007

Happy happy 17Th beef day!!
Because of everyone here, my family, my sisters' boyfriend and my friends, i felt blessed.
I thought everyone has forgotten my birthday! But I'm pleased to see those people who i don't like, also sang a birthday song for me (although she looks reluctant). Anyway, I still wanna to thank them..i really appreciate what they did for me =D
Some people specially i wanted to thank: my mum (who is the great chef)
my sisters (who helped me on that day)
Chris ( help to get my cake and preparation)
Shamus ( for attending and presents)
Daddy (did the least but at least came back on time to eat my cake)
and lastly, ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY and of course those who gave me presents too. I like it =)
( and 502 for singing birthday song 4 me during xiao hong lesson! haha)