May 11, 2007
What you should do when your girlfriend is sick?
Selfish freak...

Uhhoo, exams finally over!
Although i am a bit disappointed on my chemistry exam, it's over!
hmm, today is my one-day break before i start revision for my O level Chinese exam on 28 May..

How should i spend the day?
i feel like cycling but i don't know how to cycle well bb

I think the morning rain, caused my morning plan to be cancelled.
**** but I'm also very tired too (yesterday i slept at 2 plus)
In the afternoon, I'm too lazy to leave the house. Thus, i cancelled every appointment for the afternoon.
In the end, i didn't do much today. -.- REST Rest rest..

Yeah, on Sunday, we are going to watch Spiderman 3 !!!!!
Rmb Sunday is what occasion??

Is MOTHER's DaY !! e

haahaa, I still have no idea what to buy.
(start to think of stupid gift ideas)

okay, i got nothing to talk about liao..