May 4, 2007
Volcano erupted now.

My mum quarrelled with my 2nd sister boyfriend over Trivial matter. My mum started the quarrel first over Mothers' day plan. I find it RIDICULOUS actually to see parents quarrelling with boyfriends! Are they really petty or it's fated they don't get along well with our boyfriends. I think there is a serious communication break down between them. It doesn't affect me but i'm feeling a bit irritated. Everytime quarrel and quarrel.. "haizz" getting fed up! I think my future boyfriend is in danger..(Luckily i'm still single now)..hahaha^o^ But i won't ever let this happen!!!!

CAUSE of eruption:
My mum is (Big women-minded, 大女人主义)
She hates people who against her idea or talk back to her.
That's all.

I don't freaking care about this matter. But i will get frustrated when i am being interupted during my resting time!! Arrr.. PEACE PLEASE ~o~