May 4, 2007

PHYSICS today..

answer: die.- give up.. too difficult

I did not do really well for every subjects.

Such a failure.

This year O lvl ..yet to buck up -.-

I think it's a bit hard for me to get the grades i aim.

Yesterday, i watched "jia you, Jinshun". I came across an advertisement. That person in the charity advertisement seemed familiar. Then, my sister started laughing at me. The first person who popped out of my mind was "VIC MAH". Damn. He don't look well to me (on his appearance) worse than before. This is the first time i saw the advertisement and i am shocked. I replied embarrassingly, "I don't recognise this person. Who is he? " and i hoped i really don't know him in the first place! ASS HOLE**

I lost my beautiful voice in throughout the day. Neither can sing nor talk loudly, unlike the usual me. Cough and flu are contagious. Peiling's sister also get sick (thus she kept complaining about sister). BE STRONG, DRINK MORE WATER. Don't be like me. The feeling of getting sick during examination really kills me. So shag, low-spirited. I only slept 2hrs yesterday. Thus, i gonna have a good sleep now. hee^^

FRUITS AND VEGETABLE A DAY, KEEPS AH PAO AWAY...( *ah pao is the nickname of my family doctor! )
*wink* take care