May 3, 2007
I'm sick.

Tired easily

Stress about exams

Unfortunately, my sickness has made me perform badly in my Social

studies paper today and my Chinese P2 yesterday.

Xtra dampened my confidence

I'm so disappointed in myself. I nearly give up my SS..but in the end, i did give a try. I didn't know that the sick can help the sick. My mum is sick today and coincidentally i'm also very sick today. I think my flu conditon is worse than yesterday but my cough is slighty better than yesterday. What a good grief! I learnt the news from my sister that my mum is very tired now and she is unable to do housechores. Thus, i done it for her. I'm also very tired seriously. But i can't bear to let the house be in a mess. So i do..and do.. and until now. I finally got to rest now!!!

Act CUTE queen.