Apr 5, 2007

ST. John promotion parade on 4th April:

I hated this day and i will never expect to be promoted or what so ever. I finally saw the true colour of everyone. Someone made me very disappointed throughout the whole activity. A person who i thought he is the cutest,one of the best among the seniors, the most caring and friendly i had seen in my whole life. Just because i said something wrongly and you do not want to respond, looking away, making me feel like an idiot. The good image of him in the mind was truly destroyed within a second.

I am the chief medi in the promotion parade, maybe because they have no space to put me anywhere. But i am glad that i meet new people i never notice in st. john . Although the members in medi are naughty at times, i feel that they are really cute. I never know i had never miss out someone who is around me, Kenneth. He claimed he got the best section commander in camp but i don't even know. He is very different from other guys. But anyway, don't think otherwise. I don't like a guy who is younger than me by 2 years. Haha.

I ended off the activity by putting back all the first aid stuff back to sick bay, which is so heavy, and left the place, tired and sadly.

3rd April:

After doing Maths transformation exercise, i decided to draw some weird thing

The first time ever in my life i drawn something so creative.