Apr 22, 2007

I'm having insufficient of sleeps thesedays. I think maybe because i practised my chinese oral at night only.I had been so "hard working" to improve my reading loud although i come from a chinese-educated family and my chinese is not that bad, i still have some problems with my language. Everytime when oral comes, regardless English or Chinese, i think due to my nervousness or whatever, i will fumbled over my words. Fluency and nervousness is my vital during oral. On friday, which is the day of chinese mid year oral, something happened unexpectedly. I pretty nervous at that moment. When i am practising silently at a distance from the examiner seating on a roller chair( office chair), one of the chair's roller fall into the small drain beside me. I ended in an awkward positon while everyone looks at me, giggling. My chinese teacher, Mr tang, which is the examiner next door, saw that too. Then, i carry on reading, feeling a bit embarrassed. My read aloud is good because the passage is kind of easy but i sucks at my conversation. I thought i'm able to do it. Due to my nervousness, i missed out a lot of points which i know but my mind suddenly blank out at that moment. I really hate myself that i missed the chance of getting distinction for my chinese oral. *Arg* -pissed


At 8.30am, i went for chinese extra lesson. Mr tank says about what happened during yesterday oral examination. He did not mention my name but it is obvious he was saying about me. Everyone burst into laughters. After the lesson, 12pm, i rushed home as i had to leave home at 1.30pm to take my bursary at someset. But i delayed my time and leave home 2pm. I reached there about 20mins later but no one knows how to go to that place. We had no choice and took a taxi down to the budhist lodge.After the whole boring ceremony, me and peiling went to centrepoint toilet because i had to change my uniform. I had an appointment with my sister, caroline and her boyfriend for a movie later.She is so nice to wait for me in that smelly toilet..haha! After that i sent peiling to mrt station because my sister and her boyfriend had arrived. My first impression of him is a bit hostile. He drove us to plaza singapura and we ate a lot at sakae sushi there. He and my sister took me to some gift shops and arcarde. I GET TO WATCH M18 movie (nightmare detective) too.

Let me judge about his performace today:
Overall performance:60% (if he had been more enthusiatic,talk more and be more happy and lively)
First impression: Not really good (a big room for improvement)
Stomach grade: satisfactory, very full
Atmosphere: very still and cold..not entertaining at all

I hope next time will have some improvements and i think today's trip is acceptable only -.-

This is only my view of point.

Uhmm, i'm such a slacker, using my study time to blog. But anyway, i used to finding excuses to go online. Hee.