Apr 28, 2007
"Cos i have a bad day.."
Yesterday,i have English mid-year oral examination. The examiner is Mrs doreen Ng, who is also my oral mentor. I was very nervous at that moment cause i didn't have much confidence in doing well. Just to let your know, i always fail my English. I thought i have enough practise before the oral starts, but everything has gone wrong after that. When it was my turn to speak, my heart stopped for a minute, and i continued reading the passage. I fumbled over words again and my heart beats so fast as if i'm doing exercise. I did badly for picture discussion and conversation too. I am really depressed. I am doomed. -.- haiz..
Chocolates seem to make me feel more comfortable.
Back home, i surfer the internet to watch 大熊医师家 on youtube.
Have a fabulous dinner and watch Tv!
Do some pages of E math Tys until 2!!!!!!! -.- zzZ

Today, i am very late for remedial. I overslept. I wake up at 9.30 am whilst the lesson starts at 8.30. I am so embarrassed to enter the AVA room with 100++ of eyes staring at me. I did not get scolded by Mr tang anyway "HENG ar" hee... -_-''

REPLIES in tagboard:
=D: Hey, thanks for reminding me about my grammatical mistakes! When i saw that taggy, i "burst-ED" and told my sister about this. What a stupid mistake i had made! wahahahaaa ^~^

Kenneth: Maybe one day you might see me..drop by my class 502 and say Hi !!! let me find out where is your class first =P =P

Willy wonka: I did badly for my oral!! let you down..sob ~.~