Mar 29, 2007
Things to recap:

Anyway, this is just a small review on things which happen during the days when i stopped blogging here..

  1. Setting up a wretch blog
  2. Crazy about hana-kimi.
  3. Meeting out sabrina to give her birthday present
  4. Listening to Tank's songs
  5. Mad about 飞轮海 ^^
  6. Went to march training camp, unwillingly
  7. S1 wins best department award (includ. me)
  8. Done badly for chinese test
  9. Went to Uncle Ringo UK Funfair at hougang *siok*
  10. Dieting and exercising


I went PRATA house at thomson again.

My dieting plan seems to fail as i grow fat again due to the stress that leads to overeating sometimes. I have not been exercising intensively for almost a week or two. Now, i have to control a bit on this..