Mar 29, 2007
I'm a slacker in my entire life.
Time to face the music now. On 28th May, it is the chinese o' level examination. On the month of April, we will have plenty of tests and revision. My tight schedule is giving me a lot of stress, too much until it suffocates me. Sometimes, i am regret of slacking the past few months. But it's too late. I can't really catch up the pace of life, too fast. It takes me weeks and months to understand a concept while others can pick up things very fast. I'm a slow learner, i admit. I have done well in the previous years because i am slightly hard working. I didn't really score very well for N level. But no one believes. Instead i think i had done badly than my normal standard. At the start of 2007, i feel blank. Nothing is in my brain. I can't absorb anything especially physics. I feel so guilty that i did not listen during Xiao Hong's lesson. Now, i can only wish that i can do well in my O level. My last lap to the finals.. Coming up activities; excursion to chinatown (30 mar), Mum birthday and st. john flag day (31 mar), a trip to Kbox and gym session(1 Apr), Promo parade (4 Apr) and many more...

Time to sleep.