Jan 27, 2007
Silence is golden.
But sometimes people like to get on your nerves..
stomping and stabbing x_x
I wasn't hurt but happy!
Because i'm not the only one who is stabbed from behind.
In fact, many people is standing on my side.
At least i feel that sense of concern and comfort.
My "army" is all ready to fight. See who die first?
Fury and anger filled in the classroom.
Don't ever think i'm scared of you. I just don't feel like ... doing something to you. Saving some energy on studies. hahaha ^.^
Omg..Omg.. i finally got think a bit of my studies!!!
I admit i'm rough. Even my guy friends say that! But i'm like that. I don't think my "rough-ness" has ever hurt anyone internally. If yes, please let me know and claim hospital fees from me. My friends are use to it. They know that i'm not serious in my words and action, so they will not take anything to heart. Jx told me to be more gentle. Ok..i will xD LiKe ReaL!! not to him xP ...Wahahahaahaa
I apologised to those who are innocent behind.
If u didn't provoke me, i wouldn't say those words.
Those who fight back, or tot they're princesses in class, should be elimated.They are just creating trouble for themselves only.
haha xD i sounded like hutu rebel army! Cockroach? tutu? Kutu barbe la (taught by syakir xP )

Today, i'm sick. Fainting. i have a good chat with ningzhi, liyana, kelly and joph at Nyp. It's quite hot there compared to other poly. People there also not that quite unfriendly. FORGeT abt this poly liao! But NYP- school of design not bad.

Ending off with a smile =))