Jan 28, 2007
i'm really sick -.-
very... ( a bit exaggerating though )
Can any doctors save me?
hahahahaha >_<
Yesterday, i went for camp briefing. Wondering why i am still there , sneezing and coughing. I am not planning to be there too. Why i still attended? Camp will just leave u sleepless nights at that sickening school! When i went home, i told my mum and sisters about that. They also refused to let me go. Remember the incident that happened 2 years back? It left me scarred for life. I wouldn't forget everything that happened at that moment. Terrible nightmare!
Anyway, it's just a recall of my past.
Sometimes, i think i might die in the camp!!
wahahaha xD

I am calling out for my pay!! The last pay before O level. And will it be the last time i see jx, daniel and zul they all? But i don't think i could make it to take my payslip..MAYBE x) Then i spend my money on clothes, presents, treats and many many many more things!!

Money Money Face ..heeheehee