Jan 1, 2007

hey..WAKE UP my blog!!!
I haven't been blogging so long le.
Shall recap what i have been doing these days or this month.

Days in Toys R us :
Time had passed so fast. It's going to christmas. The store is filled with customers as if toys there are FREE! I learnt how to wrap like a machine too.Lol. It is because those customers make use of gift wrappers too much, until we nearly suffocate in the midst of the customers. I know a lot of funny characters there too. For examples; the guy JX, known as bao jing tian in the store, likes to disturb me a lot. He always push my head from the back or sudden grab my arm as if he is grabbing a pole. Next character is wee chuan. He is a sporty,cute guy but the shortest in the store. I have chatted with him thrice or more. I remember that time, me,michelle, wee chuan and esmond shared a cab back home, wee chuan said something really makes people wonder; "大,好" . What the hell is he thinking? Third character is Esmond. He is a damn quiet guy. He seldom talks but i have chatted with him twice. Fourth character is our dear DANIAL! He is a superb funny guy. He likes to joke with gift wrapper girls and make fun of us, in a funny way. So, we left a photo of the gift wrapper girls to him as a memoto. Fifth character is Loey. He is a smart but looks "ah beng" guy. He called me "hao 笑" tat means like to laugh and called michelle "hao 美" tat means vain. Sixth and seventh character are Alvin and Zang, Toys R us promoters. They are very helpful guys. Thanks for helping us when we are really short of manpower. Next is Fahmy. He really looks like my malay bro, Azmi. Not that one in school. He always called me "mei mei" cause there's typo error on my name tag. Calling me "meimei" sounds a bit funny to me..Anyway, there are too much to mention le.. At last,i specially wanna to thanks carlos for being so good to us during this time. Miss ya guys!!

Christmas celebration:
This year is a cold christmas. There are a lot of presents below the christmas tree but there isn't much live during the celebration. I rushed back from work that day. I have not enough time to prepare. Too tired to jump and dance around! In the end, we ate a little and i helped to wash all the dishes and pans. Pang on the bed after that. I love the christmas presents from my family and friends. You all are so sweet xP.

Have my first Toys R us 's pay:
We went back to paragon to get pay slip. So excited to see them for the last time maybe. I kept chatting with Loey at first, then Jx came to push my head. But Jx didn't talk much to me that day. He must be shy.Lol. Then, we crowded around danial to get his email. Same to Loey. After that, we went to Basement atm to get money. Freaking mad that moment when fran break her words as she cannot make it for the movie. Shoo her away. Calm down a bit while shopping with michelle at heartland for her boyfriend present. Then, home sweet home!

My first Mp3:
I got my 1st mp3 player after i get pay. Yipee. Thanks to Yiyen for helping me to get a cheap deal. ZEN NANO PLUS @ $45. Damn cheap sia. Although it's only 512 MB, it's useful and small. NO FISH, PRAWN ALSO OK MA. wahaha.. I went J8 to get that mp3 from her. Something really suay happened. And I CURSE & SWEAR that i hate J8 forever!! Luckily, i got my zen to cheer me up a bit. >.< Bad Day @ 30 dec 06

Last but not least...
The last day of 2006:
I woke up and do some housework. Around 3 o'clock, i switched on the laptop and organise everything. Until 7 o'clock, caroline started to doll up because she's going to the countdown at marina bay. Anna's boyfriend came to fetch her to a dinner at esplanade. Left me and my mum at home. I played the lappy to update the blog until 11 plus near 12 midnight. When my dad starts to nag that why am i switching both the TV and lappy, i switched off the lappy. Actually,i just wanna to take a look at lucify in the countdown show @ vivo. Just a look. And this will be the last ok? In order to get rid of all this craps. I decided to delete every single member from my memorybox. I love YEAR 2007! And I should put 100% of focus on my O's. がんばって to everyone who are taking O level this year!! Ü EnD

Wish to have peace and happiness!