Nov 11, 2006
Hey guys~
Got miss me? hahaha -.- zZz
My blog has not been updated thesedays all becos this sleeping beauty who is the owner of this blog. Beauty≠Beast ^ô^ 
Recently, there are a lot of things that happened on me. I quitted my cookieman job because i thought i can bear with the anger or watever the boss did to me, but i can't. BSC job is just temporary. Thus, i'm jobless now! Don't ask me for job liao. I told you all the jobs available but none of them do something. Anyway, the interview date is just over yesterday. Too Bad. Luckily, me, francesca and michelle didn't miss the train. We went to fill in form after school @ Toy r' us. Have a great day laughing and playing after filling forms. Before that, i ate pizza hut with Bibi. So ex yet not nice. But no choice, bibi wants to eat ma -.-HaizZ. Yesterday, we took our report card. As usual, i'm being suan behind. Nvm, i shall look on the bright side of life. I'm not surprised for my remark:"I'm a motivation to my peers" Yeah, i find that's true. For those who wanna to win me in studies: "i can let you win if you give me $250(bursary). Who cares abt winning? I'm just doing my part because my family has financial difficulties. Despite of the difficulty, they still have to invest in my education. Am i really that proud or bad as you think. Why you all have to shoot me instead of samantha or vanessa or watever?". This kind of backstabbers are often found in my class. Everything cannot be turn back anymore. These people isn't worth my tears or care anymore. But there are still small little moments when we can really see someone's true self. A kid in heart. That's when we played PREXIS!! and MOVIE SCREENING: SINKING OF JAPAN!! Enjoyed learning as we play..esp that comedian Mr Frank, who is super funny in his action and words. The movie is good but a bit boring in the beginning ・。・

I WON'T EVER GO LUCIFY CONCERT! That's what he forced me to say. He really 吓倒我(scare) la.. He is weird and deseparate now. Keep forcing me to go. When i say i'm not sure, he scolded me. WtF man. I'm not girlfriend or so hor, you don't need to scold me for not going bah!Hmph`・´

Leg pain Leg pain..Yesterday jumped and danced too much until my leg got blisters! Ending here. Wow, christmas coming wor! prepare some presents for me la..hee ^∇^ 再见