Nov 23, 2006
Back from my class chalet girls!!
Actually, most of the time i spent it on work bah.. Money seems to be veri important to me now, so regardless of harsh condition or feeling unwell, i still must work for the sake of money!! I went to our class chalet on 21 nov night @ changi aloha..I think now are you feeling creepy? lol. It's very quiet and quite deserted there.Some went to old changi hospital to explore and some including me were left in the bungalow. It's quite boring, not like those chalet when we have lots of fun and entertainment. The onli funniest thing i remembered is when we met the "ah gua" @ changi village after eating our supper! He..she is interested in samuel wor~~ damn funny la. +*hee*+ kinda bad..After tat, all things are boring for us becos the guys and some girls played games and drank lots of beer. Some were drunk and created lots of noises..Obviously, i can't sleep throughout the night. At last, i slept onli 1 hour and i have to work on the next day..DAMN TIRED LA! I'm feeling tired, sleepy and unwell on the next working day plus having headache due to the coldness in OG orchard point and i think the lack of sleeps bah. But i endure through the day liao..Finally going to work in toy r'us liao. I hope we can do this job well tomoro! luckss to myself!! I pending on the chalet on 27th. It's our dear friends chalet with peini, ningzhi they all..loook forward to see peini.. long time didn't see her since O-level starts! Let's chat through the night hur~ but i hope i won't be tat tired on the next morning nah zZz. I shall go le, otherwise i can't wake up tomoro. SEe ya, after tat chalet i shall blog! PROMISE xP