Oct 13, 2006
【 Hello! Cookie for you! 】
Come down to Cookieman @ taka Basement 2 (beside 美珍香 shop)
HeeHeeHeeHeeHee ^゜^ i can give ya lots of samples to eat!! Oishi ne >。<
Today, first day of work is good! The girls working with me are very friendly and cute. Just a bit stress when facing my expressionless boss! After all, he is very good, his face is like that de la..cannot change! wahaha. Not bad. I earned quite a few customers myself. They bought a lot of cookies too! Thanks godness i am not that clumsy today. (*winks*) But my legs going to break..Too long didn't stand non-stop! Anyway, I LOVE COOKIEMAN..please treat me well because i'm just a little girl •^。^•