Oct 15, 2006

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【Along で Journey】 ◆◇Happy day◇◆

Today is my deary break! Slacking at home for the whole day. I'm really very lazy to blog today but i have to. Otherwise, there will be no chance to account for the things happened yesterday. Forget all la!

Sat 14/10
The whole family except my dad went to my relatives' house warming. My sister's boyfriend was the driver of the day. We dressed up beautifully but we were surprised when we saw everyone wearing casual T-shirt and shorts..Isn't it purpose to be a more happy and formal day? Anyway, the buffet doesn't taste nice either. The atmosphere is so dead and the weather is so hot and stuffy. Therefore, we found some excuses to leave that place. After that, we went to Vivo city. That place is even worse. It was so crowded with people as if there's a big sale or free gifts. I cannot ta han that place so we decided to go town instead. Luckily, my sister's bf got a car. Otherwise, we won't be able to leave that stupid crowdy place immediately. Along the journey, we took some photos. Can see above la! geegee☆ Then, we went Cineleisure to makan. Me and caroline suggested to eat Kobayashi and subway Double choc cookies again. But my mum don't like, thus she just ate the steamed egg. Later, anna and bf bought tickets to watch "you, me and dupree". I find the movie not bad, have some funny scenes. My mum bought a large popcorn. She ate some and give us all. Haahaa, but i managed to finish all. lalalala♪♪ ^∇^ After the show, we accompany to eat something at Burger king. Eat again, again and again. Then, the end. Go back @ 11 plus. Have some sleeps, tired *(..ZzzZz..)*

Fri 13/10
It's such a tiring and suay day. There were lots of customers @ cookieman today. Maybe because that day got taka sales bah! Actually, don't trust those beliefs that friday the thirteen is a bad luck day. Anyway, thanks alvin. I know you come taka to find me de la..bleah^·´ I can say my boss was the suay-est de. The baking machine spoil halfway and lots more problems he had to settle. That is why his mood is so sulky for the whole day. I also kanna some of his fierceness that day. Caroline came to buy cookies @ 7.08 p.m .I realised that my boss greatly dislike her. I don't know why but he seems to be very hostile to her. His every hostile words seems to be aiming her and i also kanna shoot a couple of time because i'm serving her. Luckily, i didn't stay there for long. I stayed just for the sake of serving my sister and that's all. I don't care if he like my sister or not, as long as he don't anyhow put his anger on me, that's all. Very jia-lat leh. Second day of job and so many things happened. I will endure until end of december, for the sake of $$. If that boss don't like me, he can fired me anytime. I just hope the situation will be much more better after working for a longer time. I forced myself to work not only just because of money, it is because i don't want to think so much anymore. Hope the work can drown my sorrows. › 。‹ Haizz, it will be over soon le.

I will not only focus at working la. Of cos i will ÷ my time and spent with my friends and family (O.O)Y . Wish mee luck, gooda luck in working! Eating sakae with jan and francesca finally. I will keep my promise..heehee! Have a nice day w(^(oo)^)w