Oct 2, 2006
Sotong ball~~
I'm so blur today! Today is the most crucial day of my N-level exams. ENGLISH la (-.-)...But it's over le la  \(^‐^)/ Actually, i'm feeling very scared. I don't know whether i can pass. I just know i have done my best. That's all. Praying hard the marker can be lenient to us. Please please (*.*)..Yesterday, i received a lot of "good-luck" greetings and send a lot to others too. I feel that it's very funny to receive chain letter from friends..because i don't believe in this..So next time don't send me hor! TODaY in the examination hall which is that small stactics room (unfair because the hall is given to sec 3 express 4 examination. Damn it) I finished my essay at the very last minute. Mrs Ng, my chemistry teacher, stood in front of me, going to collect my paper.But she realised that i didn't use the string to secure the paper together. This is the first time i encounter this and i don't what to do. Luckily, Mrs Ng kindly helped me to tie the papers together, otherwise i'm still wondering what i should do. During my second paper, when i was rushing to finish all the questions, i thought i heard Mrs Ng calling my name. I replied loudly,"Huh?" and realised that she isn't talking to me. I feel so embarrassed when the two teachers looking at me in surprise. I pretended that nothing had happened and continue doing the paper. Yipes, i finally overcome the first paper and i will do my best for others too..(^O^)/ 谢谢 for all the lucky charms you have given me.,じゃね Byebye!