Oct 4, 2006
I am totally disappointed with my performance today..
Today is physics and chem Papers.
I still awake at 4 am in the morning and started to prepare for school early. After my preparation, i am amazed that it's only 5.30am, i got so much time to slack. I decided to take a short nap and Oops, i forget to set my alarm. Luckily, my sister wakes me up at 6.50am and i rushed to bus stop, catching the last bus before getting late for school. I am still in a blurry state. I did not really do well in both papers. My brain seems to work very slow because of the lack of sleep? I think so bah. When people says that the papers are SUPER easy, i get very upset. I got careless mistakes all over the paper and i doubt this time it's very difficult for me to score an A for sciences. Haizz -.- But do you those people who says that it's easy can score A1? I don't know. Just feeling disappointed at myself (º­­­­­­­–º) 笨蛋. Mooncake festival is this coming friday. I'm also happy that boxes of mooncake started to come in now..YumMY (^-^) but i will be at home again, celebrating this day alone. "No choice, have to get use to it!" kept consoling myself. Ok..upcoming events will be updated! Working soon thus will be very busy between work and studies. Bye (゜O^)