Oct 10, 2006
Hey, back with explosive news!
I got the COOKIE jobˆoˆ too happy liao la..Finally, i got the courage to call him and Yesh, everything went very smoothly! Yesterday, i took my last paper which is POA. I didn't learn and i'm sure i will fail. Just hoping against hope that i can get on to sec 5, as well as all my friends in class. ⌒Never be separate from one another⌒☆ I love my friends in class although some are irritating and bad, there are kind and loving soul too..Today is patrick's birthday, just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him..can buy cigarrette and go clubbing look for xiao mei mei OFFICIALLY liao 哈哈哈 good for him..Looking forward to eat sakae sushi with my dear friends !! But having a job now, i'm in a dilemma. We actually meet at friday and now i do not know whether i can make it or not...Feeling so bad
( U 。U ) wahhh..sian lor ~.~ Anyway, i hate the school! Why do we need to come back so fast to study for O-level? ma fan leh! I hope i do well in this job man! Gooda luck to myself★ Who can get me back my shoe?? ^∇^hee..Byebye­­­­­­­­­­­º– ·º