Oct 23, 2006

hey back,
Just kinda bored and en now to blog a bit la..i miss my blog so i must come back to update. Nothing more about my life. Keep working non-stop even though i'm very tired already. I can't miss any chances to work! This month, i am officially broke. So now you know the reason why i'm working extremely hard le bah. My mind is fill with $$ ideas and i really need a lot of money next month.Class chalet, friends chalet and herhem someone big event..all activities need $$. Aiya, you la...keep tempting and persuading me to go but i'm still deciding whether to go or not. See how la and i must spend my next pay wisely! Today, my dad nearly kill us all. He heated up a pot of soup at 5 am and dozed off after that. He woke up at 6.30 am and found that the whole house is filled with smoke. He turned off the stove but there is still a strong scent of petroleum gas and he left the house because he is late for work. (w/o even informing us about that) My mum woke up because her bedroom is totally filled with that unpleasant smell. Everyone hardly can breathe because of that. What about me? I'm rushing to school like a mad girl because i'm also going to be late for school! hee xP He got reprimanded by my mum when he got home and trying to push the blame on me because i didn't wake up when my alarm clock rings. So bad right. Haa. But i quickly ran back to my own room. Better than to hear him nags.

I suddenly found out that i'm such a pisser, liar and loner..

oct 21 :
Little thing to share..After work, caroline n me waited for my elder sister's bf to fetch us home. We decided to eat mcdonalds AGAIN so our dear driver take us to kovan. When we reached and about to get down the car. Something happen. Caroline gets down the car first and then when i going to get down from car (my hand is still at the edge of the car) She closed the door and smashed my hand. So pain. I cried. My hand nearly get chop off but luckily she didn't slam it too hard. hehehe. She apologised profusely but i didn't blame on her. Now i'm all right, just a small patch of blue-black on my hand ^〇^