Oct 1, 2006
Wah pang..I'm a big lazy bum! Eat and sleep..Study? My Foot knows..
It has been a long day outside..Today, we went orchard because my sista wanna to take her work schedule and find the "Golden pig" and cookie master in Taka. Before that, we go there later than the time planned because me and caroline have been hungrily waiting for our food to come back from heartland mall (my eldest sis & bf drive there to buy for us) and we ate our "breakfast-cum-lunch" at FOUR. I started to eat like a monster again. When everyone is full, i still continued to stuff food into my mouth. Everyone stare at me and shake head..BECAUSE i can't stop..caroline nearly got mad when she saw me still gobbling the food. >>fast forward..
I went to Taka for interview too. Actually, i planned to go on Friday but my sista thought that it's too late. Here comes the scary part: That boss is still there and we have the interview on the spot. He look like a strict father. I am so nervous when i spoke to him. I feel so awkward and i am finding great difficulty, speaking to him in English as if i didn't learn English in school at all. Omg, he doesn't look pleased when i spoke him in "WEILISH"( lousy english).. That makes me feel so sad and i also wonder how am i going to pass my English on monday (>.<) I can't even speak the languge fluently! SPOILING my day..but anyway, after that, me and caroline walked to cineleisure to buy the subway cookies that she highly recommended and ate the Japanese noodle omelette meal at B1. The noodle omelette is so delicious! Maybe next time you shall give a try! the onli jap name shop there- K?? @ Cineleisure level B1..Oshi ne (^o^)Y then go home with alvin and ks..The End liao xD