Oct 10, 2006
Add on to Oct 9 mon :
After taking the exaM paper, i planned to go out to have our lunch at 1p.m. I promised my sister is buy the carrot cake from the coffee shop nearby my school. Their carrot cake is the best and eat it since young. I love that stall! But unfortunately, the stall is close for the day. So suay, my sister wanna to eat that carrot cake for very long le lor. Instead of carrot cake, i treated my mum and sister bubble tea to cheer them up. Then, i went compass point to have lunch with michelle and francesca. We ate Pizza hut stuff. Although i got a lil scare of pizza hut after working there for few months last year, i still eat it because Michelle requested it. Having lots of fun chatting together. Later on, after finish our meal, we went shopping! We entered a girl accessories shop and i started to try on those nice hairbands. So cute lor. I nearly buy one of them, but after much consideration, i think it's better to ask my sister for a more professional advice. We left the place and looked around. Suddenly, Francesca's mum called her to go home. Before going home together, we went to famous amos to buy brownie and cookies. Maybe i'm tempted by the smell of cookies when we passed by the shop. I bought choc chip walnut brownie and ate it along the way to the bus interchange. YummY YummY..so delicious!! But it costs $2.40 each..a bit ex because it's quite small. Worth eating 棒! BACK HOME and slept like a pig (due to lack of sleep on Sunday bah) .
Tue Oct 10
Being asked to come back to school to take letter for our one week break. So troublesome. Going back to school for less than an hour just to take a letter. However, we have our breakfast in Mcdonald and chat for two hours continuously. Recently, i kept eating fast food and expensive stuffs. I really need to work harder to earn back those money during these 3 months before the school reopens. Haiz, Just relax and try everything out la w(^.^)w