Sep 1, 2006
A piece of good news to share with ya all. I got C5 for English! Omg xD..i think that i'm dreaming at first. This is my first year, using my own capability, passing my english and even got a C5 instead of C6! I really don't understand why i didn't so good in prelim despite of slacking and not studying at all for this time..Amazing but it also adds on a bit stress to myself, whether to study or not. But i don't have the habit of revising and studying two weeks or three before exams. LAST min study is my formula of success? I also don't know. Maybe sometimes it's just my luck to get good results or can say that i don't study hard, i study smart! ( starting to be hao lian) wahaha xP That's the way i study. I can swear that didn't lied about this, i didn't really study! Some people might think i'm lying but i got no reason to lie at all..wat's the use! I'm someone who hated stressing myself, setting high expectation in studies, planning schedule that relates to revision, studies or etc. I feel that even if i set expectation, i won't achieve it. You will just making yourself more sad when you got back the results. Because i'm a very lazy student, i don't do revision at all. I find it hard to force myself to study for hours, thus, i will try to do homeworks at school before i go home or just throw the homework aside to rot until we are being force to do by the teachers..Uh, i think my ways of studying is to keep eating. I ate a lot after Superband finals till now. Eating gives joy to me and simply loves to eat. hahaha =D. I don't what method i used, i just wanna to pass and go to the next level! That's my only wish =) and i hope it will come true~~ going to end this off here. Seeya and all the best to people taking Ns on Monday and Tuesday...Jia You x)