Sep 9, 2006
Wa..suddenly feel so booked!
feeling a lil bored something with the things to do and worst, when school reopens, i will be living in hell man. No shopping, no time, no freedom..I'm not sure whether will i study or not but i must do well this time,otherwise.. *kanna shoot to death by a lot of people* My life is now messy, confuse and blur..sometimes, i even feel lost, don't know wat to do! I hope there will be tat someone who really gives me tat determination i need to study. Haiz-.- i'm mentally tired le..My brain isn't working these days, same as my body..tat's why i kip growing fatter because my body refuses to do some exercise! i finally cleared my debts on thurday *yeah^^Y* and now, i'm saving up for the oncoming events in oct and etc...How i wish my N-level can ends today because i need the time for a job! i credit bank le and feels a bit paisei to let my sista treat me everytime..I DON"T WANT! left 3 weeks.. counting down now and everything will be soon over =)
Recount on wed- add on xD
I was waiting for a bus at 10.45 p.m and the bus stop was empty and quiet. Suddenly, there is a mid fifties man approached and asked me for direction. I told him already but he continues to ask me irrelevant things like my personal details n watever weird stuff and offered me a lift to a bus stop where there are more buses i can take. The most disgusting is he gave me his hp number and say "u can call me out for a coffee or watever..we can make friends ma" *vomit* ...then *peng* Keep giving me that lustful look which is totally disgusting to me. Luckily, i rejected him politely and managed to get rid of him before i vomit at him..faint xP When i abroad the bus, i opened my bag, crushed tat piece of paper w his contact no. without hesitation and throw it in the bus.. Stupid old man, so old still wanna to make fren w little gals. Disgraceful act and annoying!!! Wahahahaha..anyway, just a lil thing to share wif ya which i find it amusing and ridiculous ^o^ !