Sep 26, 2006
"Stress is killing me slowly..Please don't pressurize me

Yesterday, it's the most stressful day this month. The piles of
homework i have to do seems to be endless. It's impossible to finish all in a day and nearly got mad when someone give a false alarm that English summary should be handed up after school. I didn't touch it at all thus i freak out and give up in doing it. I can't stand the stress from homework! Follow-up we are in the hall for assembly, Mr Chia told us about the criteria to pass 4N this year and there will be 1 day off N-level only!!
Omg, I already plan to work at that time and here comes the problem! The
mood totally change when the sentence popped out from Mr Chia's mouth: "You are must English otherwise you can get nowhere!!" Shit, i am going to break down if he continue (~~)..I really feel very scared and stress when i heard this. My greatest problem is ENGLISH and this subject can
end my whole future if i can't do well. I can't really guarantee 100% i can pass English. But after yesterday, i have already prepared for the worst. The most important thing is to do our best. I find it so weird when i told my classmates that i really worry about my N-level. They even say that i'm crapping. Can't i be worry? Although i scored well in prelims, N-level is a different thing. My teachers and classmates all believe that i will get top in academic for N-level, making me more and more stress! Argh, i really do not know..I started to eat again to vent out the stress and i wasn't sure when i'm going to stop. Switch mood: "i have done another blogskin b4 N-level again!" This time, i think simple suits me the best. People are here to read about us and i think it's best to remain simple and sweet. I'm very contended with this skin and i hope readers will like it too. Today is my only break because there is no school. I should look at the optimistic side and stop worry so much o(^­­­­­­­–^)o がんばて加油加油i will do my best \(^O^)/ I'm tired after doing so much homework. I go take a nap first. BYE <3 あなた