Sep 17, 2006
Sickly and Sad thesedays!

Since friday, after Champion's night, i suddenly got a bad flu and a lil sore throat. I seem to be very healthy and happy in school but when i reached home, i felt cold and keep sneezing. I felt that my throat was too dry and pain as if it's going to bleed. I drank lots of water but there's no use. I can't breathe through nose. Thus, i breathe through my mouth. I could not sleep that well for the two nights because when i lay down on my bed, the muscus always flow into my throat and it's uncomfortable for me throughout the night. In addition, my nose is blocked, how can i sleep using my mouth to breathe? Yesterday, i slept at 5++ because i'm doing up my blogskin. And today, i woke up at 1 pm and feeling very sick. My fu**cking vulgar elder sister started grumbling that i buy lunch for them today. Wat the hell! you don't have legs to buy yourself and can't you see i'm sick? I'm not your filipino maid or watever. Even filipino maid gets break or $$ or care from their owner when they are sick. Am i worse than them? I'm very upset that moment. Throughout these few days, the care from my friends is lesser than expected. I just wanna them to simply say a"take care" or ask me whether i'm fine or not, is it very hard? Even Mr A. dunno i'm sick bah. He is too busy at work. Actually, i expected Mr M. to say something, but he didn't until today. At first, i'm quite disappointed and angry at them, after i heard those words from M, i feel extremely touched. Thanks to peini, francesca and M for your dearest concern! (*sobsob*) I will get well soon bah..