Sep 13, 2006

Pictures taken yesterday!
Having so much fun..We should not forget about taking photos! waha..My most favourite part of the day x) I simply loves photos and it completely changes my mood to SUPER DUPER HIBERACTIVE ..*bleah* Then after that, joker stick man will keep imitating the little man when he was acting like a baby: "wugargarwu"..::^laugh out my lungs~::..Sorry about ytd post xP because i'm half asleep when i'm blogging, i wrote a lot of chicken language that i myself don't even understand..heehee..Anyway, i edited it so take note of that!!
Today, in the library, i saw peini doing O's Emath homework..Acting clever, i go chup some questions and the answers are all wrong(according to the answer sheet..hahaha^o^..I suddenly find out that i'm so stupid! Actually, i'm just average in maths and i donno even know why the hack i can get P1 in emath for prelims..More and more stress when teachers pin high hopes on me..Plz, don't~~~ i just a lazy bum who don't know how to study and so on xD I just wanna to be free and easy, can means can, cannot means cannot! hmm, suddenly feels so tired when there's tonnes of homeworks waiting for me to do..(a bit exaggerate)..But anyway, please wish me all the best in my exams in oct..i desperately needs encouragement and becos of some lil rewards la..blah! i'm being the witch today..keeps on bullying ppl around me and being cruel to them..I enjoyed the ball games esp..running ard the whole hall and laughing madly at some funny actions we done..although it's a tough game, it's the teamwork between people that counts..I slipped on the floor more five times and it left me with some blisters on my right knee *ouch* it is still in pain now man! We are kind of like mad dogs when we saw the ball and collision btw me and other sec 5 gal always occurred..Luckily, my ribs are still intact otherwise..wahaha xP When we returned back to the class, the guys sprayed those strong cologne on themselves..Wah, i buay-tahan the smell man! is that wat u call ����ζ? hahaa..ok la, sorry for writing such a long essay..hope u are still awake, bye babies! Y(^-^)o