Sep 24, 2006

" Love is in the air again !"

Heyhey guys, it has been quite since i logged in here. Not forgetting this blog, now i'm here to tell you more...

Recently, my mood wasn't that good. Not because of anything, i just don't have the mood to laugh happily, chat a lot and logged in to msn or friendster. I'm sick in my previous post, but i'm better now, just that i still have some flu. I'm perfectly alright now! ~*Yipee*~ I don't know is it because my body gets too weak or i'm getting more more clumsy than ever, i fell twice in a week during PE. Gosh, leaving two unrecovered marks on both sad! I admitted i'm growing fatter and fatter (just like that movie: love at diet that sammi zheng) The most funniest scene is that yesterday, my sista caroline suddenly hugged me from behind because i had say something bad about her to my eldest sista in the kitchen. The next thing she said,"Oh my god, i feel like hugging a large water pipe!" We all burst into laughters. Yea, tat's how fat i am now =P. Yesterday, a lovely couple just emerge in my family! My eldest sista is attached again and her boyfriend has his own car! so cool free chauffeur xD My sista caroline also not too bad, got free movie to watch haunted apartment treated by a guy. Haunted apartment is really a good show recommended by my sista but i think i will not have the chance to watch it. YaYa, so what about me yesterday? As usual, rotting on my bed and keep eating snacks. And the result is stomach-ache in the early morning. That's why i wrote this post at 8am...haahaa^.^ N-level is in a week time! But i seems to be still slacking..I have a weird habit recently. When my exams is coming, i will wanna to change my blogskin again and that caused me to waste a lot of study time! And Here comes: "Ta ta, another blogskin, wahaha" Just to share a joke with my viewers:-)

老婆:老公,我漂不漂亮?(wife: deardear, am i pretty?)

老公:漂亮漂亮...( husband: pretty pretty..)

老婆:你说我漂亮,是不是因为你怕会伤害我?( wife: u say i'm pretty is it because u scare of hurting me?)

老公:不,我怕你伤害我! ( husband: no, because i'm scare u will hurt me!)

What a nice day to listen to my lame joke! Hope u will be laughing now..wahahahaha xP .. crawling off to do my homework..*BOOM*