Sep 2, 2006


wahahaha~~ I flipped through all the photo albums in my cabinet and shocked to death by a particular photo of me five years ago. Gosh, it's unbelievable such a skinny spongey in my entire life! I looked like tall and skinny bones in that photo. Compare to now, it's a great difference!! a monkey in the past became a pig in the present. Hahaha xD. Anyway, when i am young, i am very fat *(like a huge ball of dough)*..But at the age of 9, i suddenly lose a lot of weight and became a bamboo at home. As years passed, *booM* i gain a lot of weight, heavier and heavier until the pig-alike me now! How i wish i can change back time!! who give me the determination to slim down? and who suddenly make me wanna to eat so much like now? lol =P hmm..just miss a bit of my past days xD