Sep 27, 2006
" I'm touched by the small lil encouragement you given me! thanks:) "

Today i have a great time playing captain ball! I really enjoy the game, running around as usual but this time, i teamed up with the sec 5 group instead because they got not enough players (malays fasting ma) We are really crazy, desperate to score. We won anyway & thanks Michelle for a great captain today!! I had a lot of fun playing with Jacintha, francesca and sabrina because they are always the main characters that makes me laugh the most xP including myself. Luckily, today wasn't bad..i didn't fall that much *hehehehe* There are some scenes recall which is really funny. "Sabrina kept hugging those people who is holding the ball !" wahaha (^O^) I'm one of them and i was surprised when someone hugging me from behind (playing cheat, wanna to snatch the ball) And i remembered that i was once hugging by a weird weird 帅哥 behind when i'm pri 6 during a captain ball game in school >>flashbacks: I was the defender of the team and that guy from next class came in to play with the girls. He is my opponent's captain thus naturally, i will stand in front of him to defend the ball. While the ball is approaching towards our direction, i felt sudden hug from behind and struggled, followed boy astonishing stares and glares by the girls in the game. Until now, i still don't know why he did that unexpectedly! But anyway, that's a lil secret of mine. CLUmsY spongey me~(º.º)~ kept failing to catch the bloody ball properly..waWah (>.<)
Back in class, during English lesson, we go through passenge B which we did last week. Samantha didn't bring her paper so i shared with her. I'm so embarrass to let her mark my paper becos she's a English pro! As we go through the ans with Mrs Ng, she marked so leniently. I'm really touched when she totalled up the score and i got 11 out of 20, she said, " will do it and go up 5N with us together ". Oh god, that lil encouragement really touches me. Thanks Samantha. I knowu clench the top in N-level position de! Good Lucks (ˆ‐ˆ)/* I teached Michelle and Lil* to do some POA question just now in class. I have not been doing POA this month and this is counted the first time bah..Rotting info is still kept in my brain about POA ..haizz ?However, goodbye to all. I'm getting tired!