Sep 1, 2006
hey yo everyone!
I have created the third blog, including friendster blog. Actually, i don't know why i need so much online blog. Very extra but maybe it's also a good thing because i can start to write a lot and improve my english..wahaha! Just to say, i have been very busy doing all this. Maybe i'm really too bored or something. Or it's a new life for me to set a blog there. I wanted to strive for a new things because i also lost interest in things very fast. There's not much of entertainment for me now cause i'm stuck in this small tiny study room everyday and the only thing i can enjoy is going msn, chatting, viewing guy's friendster profile and so on. But no pornography stuff la..haha. That's the way a gemini girl is! crapping in front of the net because i'm feeling really sad and bored today. I got back almost all prelims results except English and combined humanities. Anyway, i think i will flung these two subjects! I found out something really funny about my results. I got A1 for E. math, A2 for combined science, B3 for chinese and lastly, B4 for POA !!! It all goes in sequence xD lol. Lil happy but very sad. I 'm sad not because i want to strive for higher score. It was because of the attitude of the people around me. Maybe i should learn psychology in poly cause i think i will be more experience in that. People jealously can really make me very annoyed and miserable. Even my closest friend in class did that to me. I don't care the position or fame or popularity in teachers in school/ class, i just wanna to have a better results that can cover up my extremely lousy score in my English and combined humanities examination. FULL STOP, the end. But their impression of me is totally different! They might have think that i'm proud, always bragged or act humble. I wished what i think is wrong. Today, my poa teacher announced that i'm one of the three students who passed poa in class. I don't feel a single happiness inside but i was relieved that i didn't fail. And you know what's next i encountered?..we are given work to do thus i have done it as quick as possible in order check my answer with the teacher. I did not balance for my acounting balance and i approached Mrs Goh for help. I got quite a number of mistakes and one of my girl classmates saw it when she approached Mrs Goh. She gave a sluty laughter and exploded ( suddenly her head faced in front of me, trying to get my attention) "I know how to do leh!" what's that going to do with me? I kept telling myself that i'm sensitive to think in this way but i failed. She is not the first person actually. There are more cases like that happened on me and now comes that close friend of mine. She kept saying some sarcastic comments that i could not accept and argue back. But in the end, i stilz keep peace even though i'm really irritated by her words. I did not have any grudge with anyone amd why are they treated me like that as if i'm a bad girl. Feeling unfair but i can't change the fate. Hence, i kept silence, enduring the pain but it's unbearable. Sometimes, i even cried because of this type of thing. Very foolish isn't it? Being bully by the people around me w/o saying a word! Yesterday, i took a psychology test. And the results is quite true. It says people don't like me because "i like peace in relationship too much"..and always thinks that there will be not agruement between true relationship..because i'm very friendly to everyone, they will think that i'm very pretendious! WOW, i thought it was really very true. In simple saying, i'm too naive and timid in character. I always say i'm very mature at thinking but i'm also very childish at heart! If anyone wants me to send that psychology test please tell me, i will send to you asap. i didn't initial in sending everyone because people may be annoyed by this tyoe of forward message..Sorry, this post is very longish and boring. Hope you won't fell asleep reading half way!