Sep 7, 2006
hey, today is a good plus a little bit of awkward day..
6 sept 2006
it's a day to celebrate Mr Justis' s belated bdae! Actually, i don't know why i'm there too with sabrina and liyana..Maybe i just wanna to have some fun becos staying at home is boring, thus, i followed them. But when i first reached the bishan park, i can't find where are they and i walked a long route around the park until i finally found a small lil playground where the celebration was held. When i reached there, i decided to play those thingy in the playground with the kids there. Having a lot of fun and realised something about sabrina, haha, it's a secret! Then, Mr Justis came, at around 6, with andy and awi. At first, i really don't know wat to say to them because i'm not a fan of soul =X but i find them really friendly esp awi.. i'm being the clown and photgrapher there for the whole day. i felt very awkward to chat with them and we also donno me too. However, i occupied my time by kip eating, drinking, being photographer, knowing more friends and "chup" into some conversation. Anyway, i still have a good time wif ya, dancing hunks and babes hur~ although sometimes i felt a bit left out, it's ok since i already prepare this thing to be happen. How i hoped i can attended lucify gathering! but it always clashes with my time slot and the next gathering is on my N-level exam period..too bad lor =P As i really donno whether shld i celebrate patrick's bdae or just wish him happy bdae? Arg~ (if i got money and time den maybe i will consider lor) heehee
5 sept 2006
haven't complete my story ytd becos i'm too tired to type anymore! i went to bugis after exams with my dear sista caroline.. It's great to shop with her because she always know how to find cheap and super nice clothes! we bought some clothes, like a black colour lacy short skirt and a very cosplay dress that costs only $10...WoW..On the way, i and my sister saw a really nice white pumps, very sweet and cute! But it's expensive and not worth the price, hence , we didn't buy. We also having a good meal and great to my eyes! wahaha..there's a lot of shuai ge in Bugis Street and the guys' clothes there are not bad too! maybe guys, next time you can make a trip to Bugis street for really nice clothes..yeah *twist*
Ah~~ i'm very super duper tired actually..feels like closing my eyes le! good bye to all xP