Sep 12, 2006
Happy Movie Day, i have gone to watch "little Man" although our dear Mr. A rejects my offer. Anyway, i still find some bunch of monkeys to watch with me..haha~~i'm one of the monkeys there! Crappy and Hitting that poor longish guy beside me and another gal for the whole day..At first, my mood wasn't that good because: 1. Both of them are late and let me wait for half an hour at amk mrt station. 2. Stupid stick man made me so angry until i kept nagging until we stepped into shaw hse cinema. 3. Both of them kept bullying me!! ..But after all, i'm still happy with the trip today *yipee* My pocket is empty now and i feel fatter then before (ate too much)..:*hee*:..
In school, i finally got the chance ytd to chat with peini. She is always busy and our schedule always clash with each other (she free, i nt free..i free, she nt free) sad..but it's nice to return back into the past =D and tat's the way man!! We suddenly chatting about jobs aft our national exams and planned wat to do after the chalet or etc.. however, i think that it's still a long journey to finish the exams and play xP
Study hard is not my style. Study smart will works more..Thus, i hoped everyone gets my message. But don't be like me, i don't even study at all ~wahah~ i don't touch books at home neither i like revision..still can go out when exams is coming =P But there's always someone, Mr A and Mr m, will keep nagging me to study! hehehe..u know who u r....
Arg i go sleep le xD very very tired! paisei BB