Sep 1, 2006
Because of you
Today, i went back to school for remedial lesson for chinese because my N-level MT is on this coming monday. At first, when i stepped out of the house, i feel like a complete idiot going to school on Teachers' day which is a holiday for every students. But i really feel great on lesson break time. While everyone is having their break, me and francesca kept jumping around, playing and self- entertaining, singing, dancing and so on..Anyway, no one sees us doing that because the school is empty! So free and fun xP
I finally got the courage to say: "fuck off ..don't mess my life! don't make me fall for you ever give me so much and expect me to vomit all out all the good times at a time..don't treat me so good that makes me think i'm very special to you..don't let me see u act cute in front of me again..i don't want to see you smoking again- turns me can pao other meimei if you want..anyway, i don't think you treat me as a special or watever friend..i know i'm just a tiny little girl to you isn't it?..i rather wait for you to ask me out and not me..i wanna u to initiate! u make me sad and disappointed for more than a month, ass.. i'm very sick of you and can u just spare a thought for me (i know i'm very childish to say all this. YEs, i'm still a kid and has feelings too)!!!"
I find it difficult to chat with him anymore..feeling colder n colder talking to him..He always expected too much from me! Now, i can only say,"my mission is done, thus, we shall separate and stop contacting each other for a while until i finished with what i purpose to do now then see how. FULL STOP, END OF THE LITTLE MEMORIES I HAD WITH YOU xD" it's not my problem to care whether you hurt your butt, hand, wrist or neck because i'm no one to you anymore! I sounded bad but i'm forcing myself to be the devil (i say out wat i feel deep in my heart), he don't worth that much. Sorry..Sorry..even though it's not fair =X �Ҿ���Ҳ������������ there's other for you out there..���������Ƥ롡�����
PSS coming..waiting to hear good news from someone or maybe i should make a trip down to support her! wahaha =P.. *woohoo* silently wishes her good luck, YoU CaN MaKe IT!!! o(^^)o ����ФäƼ��ͣ�