Aug 22, 2006
Yoz, i'm back fully awake and well. I have recovered from my flu's only occasionly few drops of mucus flowing down and drip on my book(ew..) haha xP Today, i really can't believe my ears! my name was mentioned by our dear emath teacher as the onli top 2 students in class who got A1 for prelim emath paper! so shocking tat i nearly faint (a lil exaggerating) recall back tat day >> i slept 4 hrs only and in the morning, i'm in a sleepy state. I slept in the bus and nid my dear frens to wake me up. Actually i din sleep well becos i kept playing com, slacking and doing other nt relevant to studies stuffs. But i got flip through the e math 5 yrs series and flies for less than 30 mins.! but there's good thing and bad things abt getting A1..good thing is becos the marks is very impt for me to pull up my best 3 score....bad thing is tat i need to face more jealous faces and sarcastic comment frm people (u know who u r..some from my class) But i hack care abt it becos i really dunno y muz they jealous? there's nothing to jealous about! i can do it, so can u xD ..i don't like it actualli, so don't do it again plz! end off there..bye xP i hope those people can stand in my shoes..thank you very much! thanks to people who tag my blog!