Aug 27, 2006
Wahoo, k box~~
lalala..Early 8 am wake up to dress up because we are going for K lunch. and next, we are stilz late for the bookings..Haha xP..Sing sing Sing a lot of songs which are so challenging tat we sound extremely, sad for the daniel-look-alike waiter who served us! wahaha..The new lunch set taste sucks =x oops but i really have to say! i forced myself to eat all cuz with tis thinking tat "Africa kids don't even have things to eat and u stilz waste! " ..but i feel like vomiting after tat =D i like the fish only actually! tahaha..Then, series of unfortunate things happen. I'm being scolded plus punished by the stupid smrt uncle..F*u*k o*F man..i'm innocent lor, is the stupid machine slow lor..Aiya, i also dun care le! next>> actualli i'm nt in mood but i tried my best to think positively..i will always believe tat "there's always a way to solve problems!" hope it will goes the same as tis time as well xP hmm then we went to suntec to take my sister's salary and shop there for a while before my sis and i get tired and decided to go back to kovan! After coming back home, we went to 703 coffee shop eat dinner and tata finish..i also have a good chatting session with sabrina...heehee! Byebye, i'm very tired le..tomoro stilz need to wake up for morning run! aH~~ BB take care xD