Aug 21, 2006
Sorry, i didn't know tat you dun like it. Now i'm feeling a bit guilty..donno why i kept talking about tat person? But i think it's due to boredom bah..i hate tat too..i'm really sorry! i hate myself because i do not know why i become like tat..can i just block them and say goodbye to them! i really don't bear to do that cuz i treat everyone as friends le. Hence, i shouldn't do tat. Maybe it's fate bah...fated tat i muz get involved in tis kind of things- so troublesome and wasting of time! Now i feel like a little girl, chasing after idols like mad dogs..isn't tat funny? but i cannot turn back time neither i can forget all this precious memories..can anyone juz fill up my time so tat i will not think so much le?? no one wants to care abt me lor..even i sick they also dunno. I feel like a cinderella (but not as pretty as her) muz do all the hsework and they don't even show gratitude for wat i have done 4 them! i can say that my relationship with them had strained.. one is busy with her boyfriend,another is busy forgetting his ex and dating out her friends and third is worst, onli know how to ask me to do tis do tat..otherwise, she didn't tok to me at all..Last person, din tok to me more than 5 words a day! Why it all becomes like that? my life had totally screwed up! anyone can help me to repair it? I'm very hurt and depressed. Nobody stands in my shoes. why why~~~~