Aug 18, 2006
I'm very sad & disappointed by the reply this person gave me actually..
The problems going like tis~~
starting after June, i feel left out by you.. because you are always with school friends and somebody else..I'm not jealous of them. But the answer u gave me today ruined my happy mood! It's suppose to a happy thing becos my exams is finished but i'm damn moody.. I just request to go out after your exams and what i get is " i got no money to go out " ..before this week you say you got exams..ok, understandable tat u wanna to study for it and ask whether u can go out wif me after exam,you say you got no money to go out..what next then? i'm quite angry becos sometimes i heard tat u go out wif ur friends..if not jiu shi S.H.. can you just spare a little time for me? ok, fine..i'm very tired of all this ! don't go out with me don't go la..i don't give a damn now because i'm terribly disappointed in everything le! why muz it be all me, all my faults and stuff? everyone is busy next week becos of exams or studies..but my holiday break dues end of next week! wa lao...=( I don't care anymore..get lost!