Aug 3, 2006

" I thought i can accept but i can't.. i'm always putting on smile when you see me personally but it's getting more fake becos i'm not in the mood these days.. If you see me smiles, actually i'm very hurt inside. Perphas i should take a break after prelims but i promise my deers and ducklings i will be back for all the leisure, meetings or stuff like =) sorry for the inconvenience ppl! i tried to be more optimistic le!"

struming the guitar at my friend's home..
playing baby size keyboard at home..
wanna find andrea to teach me more after her Os..
worries of n-level
this is all the things that got through my brain..
i just need some support from u guys!!
after support superband, can you all support me? hahaha
gotto end off there becos school is going to start soon and i need to prepare le..byebye seeya =D