Aug 20, 2006
haizz..I'm sick and tired. I suppose to be very happy going out now but i wanna peng liao. I caught a bad flu in the morning plus a bit of sore throat. Arg~ so ma fan. But luckily it happens after the exam! Otherwise it will be worse. lolx =) Haha, wat a coincideNce! patrick also sick le. I found out juz now..spongebob sick patrick also sick! But for his situation, i think he got enough fun le lah (with girls)! tiring thing for him and me to suffer from sickness now..hope he will get well soon bah! xD For me, i think it's so touching to hear "take care" greetings from friends. You guys are so sweet, thank you =D. Finally, i got someone to pei me next week. i hoped it won't be another empty promise made by them...xP lalala..take care everyone! don't be like me k..haha =)

*didn't know he had changed the gathering date. But anyway, he had enjoyed a lot with girls le la..Worth it liao! not like me, sick until cannot move =( but i think i will get well very soon de! back with surprises xP