Aug 11, 2006
haha..hey hey, i'm back with new post! hmm, wat can i describe my mood? v v tired of a guy? money? exam? school? i realli dunno but i think it is a mixture of those tat i mention! sad=( recently, my mood swings, can say vigorously becos u can see from my angry until chao tah face, U shaped mouth and sloppy look...My eyes wasn't even open when i walked back home frm school (luckily i din fell off the bridge, but i kept knocking onto things e.g a pole out of nowhere and many more=P)..i dunno why am i so tired..actually i think i slept a lot le, so don't nag at me k (to makan king)..haha xD plus " I KEPT EATING NON-STOP MAN!!!! " wasn't sure why but my x x Big appetite also make me quite worry...becos i have no $$ to buy food to feed my stomach la!! hope my stomach will listen to me plz...[ i eat a lot when i'm sad, stress, tired and happy ] feel sorry for my sisters..i have eaten all the snacks liao..oops =X bleah ..

Yesterday, i'm very slack. I didn't study for my chinese paper today and i stayed awake for the whole night, playing com and staring at the ceiling, enjoying the air con! nice chat with everyone becos i didn't online for a few days or i ignored u becos i'm feeling vexed these days.. And most importantly, i got my favourite song at last from (^^)Y a kind soul.. It's gazette : Cassis Type B album - togoru ! i also like man..the drums and guitar part is PoWer man and the vocalist voice also very cool.. plus others..too many tat i lost count of =) i suddenly realised i owe a lot of things : a big fest for blah A , movie treat for blah B, sweets for blah C, lunch for blah D, TIME for blah F...wah wah wah i think i'm broke again! i stilz thinking of K box..gosh xP i'm too greedy leh..wanna do it all!

Anyway, i wanna say Happy birthday to yi lin! thanks 4 ur cakie in the morning but nxt time u can try less cream and more fruiti cake..haha=D rmb to leave a share for me hur~ kekeke x) don nid to ask abt my chinese's lousy but 88% can pass (i hope so) =X ...seeya again nxt week =) i will call u de k! becos prelims over le ma and i'm planning the movie trip liao! leisure time is needed for me to strive harder and spicing up my boring life yea! ByeBye ^.^