Aug 5, 2006
Finally, i get rid that unhappiness and misery feeling in my heart over tat particular person..I got the confidence at last to tell myself that we are plainly friends or strangers! i didn't really talk to you becos i'm busy, hope u will understand..hahaha..Now, i'm free again. I told you i lost interest in things very quickly liao..thus if i got problems abt EVOL, it will not lasts long..oops =X..Arg~~ i need photos to spice up my day!!! recently, after the interview last sat, i never got the chance to take pic..maybe i'm too lazy to doll up myself tis week and my eyebags are becoming darker and bigger! gosh man..everyday 4 hrs or less to sleep..worse than superband people..i also dunno why? maybe too busy with my com and stuffs and i worked too much of my brain during school hours=P Last day,finally, so excited and happy becos i got over with superband aft sat..but plz do stay contact with me and remember me otherwise i will freeze u with my jokes xP Ah~~crap too much again! ok..after tomoro finals i will update my blog again, so stay tuned to my blog! plz vote for lucify B1 sms 71199 k? hee xD