Aug 17, 2006
Although i'm really very tired these days, i wanna to finish polishing my blog. Now, i have finished doing it le! mission complete xD so happy .. but dun ask me regarding my exam..there's onli 1 word i can say " i'm doomed in tis round" =x sad to say but i hoped it will be over soon..i really give up! i didn't have the chance to sleep well for days le, yet i faced so many difficult questions and i didn't even know how to answer them!

Something to share wif ya
actually i'm very annoyed on tuesday morning. I didn't study at all for my 2 subjects and rushing to peep lil thing from my files. During morning assembly, our VP announced those ppl who didn't punch card for the day. Surprisely, i'm being called up. But i have already punch finish few days ago le! i'm so embarrassed to stand in front of whole school and later, it's juz a mistake. The stupid SL didn't even say sorry when she realised tat she has made a mistake. I have already completed my punch card. First word cum out from my mouth is tat "F" word but wat's already done cannot be undone. Thus, i just wanna to say " SL in xinmin sec, plz open ur eyes big big before u do anything! " I'm famous le..=X

haiz, 4hrs of sleep a day.. so tired =( i even slept in the bus before school. Thanks jiamin and noraini for waking tis pig up! my eyes can't open big big and i look so shack. I'm looking forward to the last paper and going k box with my dear "wei lai superstar contestant" peishi. Jia you wor everyone.. all the best for those guys in poly who have exam next week! seeya =D
ending off here..Bye, going for movie? tell me if you want plz =)