Jul 29, 2006
"You teach me what is love and make me grow stronger. Perhaps maybe someday u might fall for me, but i know that day will never comes.."

RoAd Run today
haizz..i forced myself out of my beautiful dream and next thing, i found myself at the school hall. I wasn't ready at all but i also don't care. Maybe i shld change the name of the event to "Road Walk or Road to my home" haha..juz when i was day dreaming in the class (all the lame thoughts got into my mind ) suddenly images of him flashed in my mind. Arg~~ again again..
haha, today i'm very relieved tat person din cum for school..sounds pretty bad but i really feel very stressed sitting beside her. She is a clever gal but not so good in chem, chinese and e.math than me. When she has problems in her chinese, i always try to help her. But can u stop saying "are you very very sure?" or "isn't the correct answer?" i'm very irritated by all these questions cuz i'm not the teacher, how i know is it correct or not!! Plz don't always look at my marks! becos i'm not a genius, no point looking at my score. i get poor results u laugh, i get good results u say sarcastic remark like"good lor, get full marks" walau leh..wat do u want? don't u find it irritating when u have to listen to this kind of craps every weekdays?
Back to road run..i planned to walk for the whole journey but jiamin pangsei us and ran. Thus, i also ran like crazy woman. I'm really very tired in the morning liao, then afternoon stilz run! Finally, i managed to endure until i stepped into the hse.."boom" i cannot tahan liao, so i rest on the floor for a while before i continued to do my things until 8..i sleep n sleep till a phone call wake me up..it's from peishi! then aft chatting wif her, here comes my sis caroline kaopei me..Plz Don SaBo me by telling mum where i'm going ok? thanks arigato temakasei xiexie...
i wanna to do the chores i suppose to do le at this hour..take care deer and seeya hands! morning=)